You’d be wrong if you thought you cannot get a tax refund if you’re on PAYE

In this edition of my blog I want to share with you a recent assignment where I have managed to make a claim for a worker on PAYE of just over £2,100.

His circumstances were that he thought under PAYE he was getting taxed correctly. I simply asked if there were any costs that he pays out for that he doesn’t get reimbursed from his employer. Still at this point he believed there wasn’t until I asked him about work wear (he’s a labourer), business telephone calls, tools and travelling.

In his case, there were several costs he’d paid out for which his employer expected him to pay for personally. Many of his tools would need to be replaced or were stolen. He only received a basic fuel allowance for making trips, picking up work mates, in his own car and was not provided a work phone as much of his work was short term site based.

No previous claims for expenses had been made which meant I was able to go back and make a 4 year claim starting with the year to 5 April 2009. The time limit to make this claim is 5 April 2013.

The best part of doing the work was seeing how happy and surprised he was about the size of the claim. Especially as I did the work for FREE as a family member.

If you know anyone with similar circumstances, please contact me.

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